The strategic partnership OENOBIO will:

  • Provide knowledge and training in organic grape and wine production in the EU in a multidisciplinary framework to students. Our aim is to internationalize the training and develop a harmonized pathway Master programme between the partners in the future. 
  • Organize yearly summer schools, and provide students with a stimulating and intensive field training within a European environment with a team of lecturers from the partner universities.
  • Involve external professionals in the field to contribute to the development of theoretical and practical courses
  • Organize conferences, and debates about  the further enlargement of organic vine areas in different countries, the notion of “bio/organic” and certification of organic production, the evolution of European organic wine production, the challenges of vineyards bioconversion... and provide an insight of this topic to the general public.
  • Offer a new educational and pedagogical tool: a "Learning Management System" (LMS), an e-learning collaborative platform for exchanges between teachers and students. The activities available on this tool will be designed to create an interaction with students.
  • Allow dedicated discussion between the academic and industrial actors during conferences in order to develop new forms of cooperation and exchanges experiences, knowledge and good practices between professors and professional experts.