The third OENOBIO Conference will take place on 13th July 2021 online. It is organized by University of Bordeaux.

The theme of this third conference is :

 "Organic vines and wine advancement and challenges."


You will find below the documents related to the conference as well as the videos of the conference.

Programme and Book of Abstracts

Find the programme of the conference here.

Find the Book of Abstracts here.


Part 1 - OENOBIO Conference Opening

9:00 - 10:30


lecture video

Introduction by UB representatives and Oenobio Coordinator  - L. Servant (UB) P-L. Teissedre (ISVV) A. Blanchard (ISVV) 
OENOBIO: Synthesis of the strategic partnership project and actions for vines and wines organic production P-L. Teissedre, A. Lairy (UB) & OENOBIO partners

lecture video

Organic wine future and regulations - D. de Froidmont (EU)


Part 2 - Organic viticulture and biodiversity

10:30 - 12:00

 lecture videoSoil microbiology of vineyards: which viticultural practices for a living soil? - L. Ranjard (INRA Dijon)
 lecture videoOrganic and biodynamic viticulture enhance biodiversity -  R. Kauer (HGU)
 lecture videoOrganic viticulture and table grapes - V. Novello (UNITO)
 lecture videoECOVIN's Biodiversity Programme for German Organic Viticulture - Petra Neuber (ECOVIN)

Part 3 - Organic practices and protections

14:00 - 15:00

 lecture videoIntellectual Outputs productions of the OENOBIO Project - P-L. Teissedre, A. Lairy (UB)
 lecture videoAlternatives to copper in organic viticulture: can we take advantage of plant defense natural mechanisms? - S. Cluzet (UB)
lecture video Development of viti-viniculture of Organic Viticulture in Spain : History and future - J-M. Canals (URV)
 lecture videoEffect of maceration time on the red wines produced from organic grapes from plantations with different yields - A O. Antoce (USAMV)

Part 4 - Organic wine production

15:00 - 16:30

 lecture videoRegulation of organic winemaking and desire to reduce inputs in oenology - S. Becquet (VBNA)
 lecture videoMicrobiology management in organic wine production - P. Lucas (UB)
 lecture videoOrganic wine market in France and export - A Hubert (VBNA)